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Swarms are the honey bees way of expanding their species. Once a colony outgrows its current home, a portion of the colony along with a queen bee will go out in search of a new home. They will cluster on tree branches, fences, siding, etc. until a suitable location can be found.  Swarms vary in size but are usually somewhere between the size of a football to a basketball.  Since the bees are currently between homes, their defensive instincts are at their lowest. This means that although a swarm may be frightening to the uninitiated, the bees are at their most docile state and least likely to sting. PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY A SWARM WITH BEE KILLER OR INSECTICIDE. If I am unable to make it to your location in a timely manner, I will gladly contact a fellow bee keeper in your area to come and remove the swarm.  Please see the below video of me doing a swarm removal with absolutely no protective gear on. This just goes to illustrate how docile and non-aggressive swarming bees are.


The Bee Shepherds Bee Removal

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