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Bee Cutout Services


Many people think that spraying the entrance hole of a honey bee nest will solve their problem. As you can see from the picture on our homepage, many honey bee colonies extend MUCH deeper into a structure than most people realize. This cutout was done at a home in Waterford and I vacuumed out 15 POUNDS of live bees. Honey bee removal of established hives like the one mentioned is best left to an expert! Honey bees keep their brood nest around 95 degrees. We will come in with infrared VIDEO equipment to locate the brood nest right through the wall, floor, ceiling, etc to show you exactly where the bees are. This allows us to remove the bees with surgical precision and minimize any needed intrusion into your home or business. Please view the video below this picture to see why bee killer may not be your best option.


Our fee is negotiable and is based on the complexity of the job. We offer a 10% discount to all military and our services are completely free to churches of all denominations. Please call us for a free PRICE estimate over the phone. 


Swarms are NOT the same as bees that are inside your soffit, walls, etc.  A swarm is a cluster of bees that are in transition as they look for a new suitable home. Please click on the following link to get more information on collecting bee swarms: 
Bee Removal Service


The Bee Shepherds Bee Removal

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